Feeding Clinic

Start Smart Tasmania works with a network of medical and health professionals to support infants and young children with feeding difficulties. Our speech pathologist has relationships with lactation consultancy, occupational therapy, dietetics, dentistry and medical specialists, all of whom can be helpful to you on your child's feeding journey.

We are able to offer individual assessments, support you in trialling strategies and management suggestions, offer formal therapy if appropriate, and assist you in accessing other relevant professionals.

We may be able to help if you are experiencing difficulties with:

  • Breast feeding
  • Tongue tie and lip tie
  • Bottle feeding
  • Transition to solids, lumps or finger food
  • Choking, coughing, gagging
  • Picky or fussy eating
  • Chewing
  • Managing different textures, particularly chewy or crunchy foods

It is our hope to develop a multidisciplinary clinic for children with feeding challenges, comprising two or more of the aforementioned professionals in any one session. Keep your eye on our website for updates regarding the progress of this endeavour.